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Palacký University

HBSC studies

The Faculty of Health Sciences (with partners: Czech National Institute of Public Health, the Czech Ministry of Health) took part in the preparations, realisations and evaluations of the international HBSC (The Health Behaviour of School-aged Children) studies on the lifestyles of Czech school-aged children, oriented on their movement activity. The data gathered within the study will become part of the international databank run by the WHO and its results will be published in an international report which will be an official WHO publication. To support the Operation Programme Education for Competitiveness (OPEC) project Creation and Implementation of the Educational System of a Healthy Lifestyle—Support of Movement Activities in Schools an School Facilities, the main investigator PhDr. Jana Marečková, Ph.D., and the team of Mgr. Michal Kalman of the PU Faculty of Physical Culture, on the basis of the results of analyses of foreign systems, HBSC results and professional experience and knowledge of an expert team, will prepare the “Green Book of a Healthy Lifestyle, Aimed at the Support of Movement Activities”. In 1995, the Czech Republic began to take part in these studies, together with another 24 nations, mostly European. The research is conducted regularly, in four-year intervals. In the Czech Republic, 5012 children took part in the latest survey.

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