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Palacký University

Doctoral Programme in Nursing

  • a full-time or part-time study programme

The doctoral programme in Nursing is aimed at nursing science and its methodology, scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of nursing. It prepares graduates to apply the nursing diagnostic approach, verification and validation of classification systems in nursing. It enhances the study of the nursing system components, organization structures, the objective, function and role of the subjects and strategies of change and to use Evidence Based Practice in nursing. It supports the ability to research and publication at both the national and international levels. Study is concluded with a state doctoral examination and the defence of a doctoral thesis that proves their ability and readiness for independent activity in the area of research or advancement. Graduates are awarded the degree of  “doctor” (abbreviated as Ph.D., written after the name).

The aim of the doctoral programme in Nursing is scientific nursing and its methodology, research and independent creative work in the field. The focus is on the application of diagnostic nursing approaches, verification and the validation of classification systems in nursing. Students will acquire detailed knowledge of nursing system components, structure, organization, goals, function and role of subjects and transformation strategy. The Evidence Based Practice and Nursing principle is used for their research. The emphasis is on the philosophical, ethical, and legal aspects of effective nursing practice as well as on the scientific research and publishing on the national and international level. The first students to be awarded the PhD title in Nursing will finish their degree in 2013.

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